You Said, We did

At Activate Learning, your feedback is critical as it helps us to develop and improve our teaching standards, facilities and the support available to current and future students. Find below a list of student suggestions and feedback that we have been able to implement in addition to those suggestions which unfortunately we have not yet been able to action, but can respond to.
You Said...
That there was a lack of recreational spaces / spaces for socialising with friends at the Blackbird Leys technology campus.  
Catering arrangements at Reading College had some issues including; lack of card payment availability, lack of variety for dietary requirements, etc.   
The Edge is outdated and complicated to use with no students understanding what "The Edge" actually means or stands for.
Hot water in certain refectories, canteens or cafes is being charged for, even if it's a small amount for a pot noodle, cup of soup or a cup of tea where you have your own bags.
Timetables were provided very late in some areas and kept changing through the first weeks of college. Especially for work experience, English and Maths.

Student Finance is under-staffed with a financial adviser for bursaries and childcare costs - especially during enrolment and induction.
You wanted more faculty specific learner voice events, rather than generic whole college events that had too many attendees.

You wanted more informal ways to feed back your thoughts rather than talking to staff or waiting for conferences/meetings.
Your preferred methods of communication are Email for official messages and event information, text for more important information and phone calls only if urgent or concerns are present.

We Did...
Launched a brand new Student Support centre with activities and space to chill out with friends.
Estates and Facilities are arranging a new agreement with catering providers ready for 2017/18. Further information will be posted as soon as possible!
Developments and a new website are already underway and will be complete during Summer with a new Student information platform.
Arranged new agreements where water itself is not being charged for, unless a cup or holder is required. If this is not the case in any other locations, please let us know...
Faculties have worked with support areas and we have agreed to send out provision timetables to students applying early which will be finalised during induction (we can only plan once we have GCSE exam results in August).
Training with Student Support and Advice and Admissions with better widespread knowledge of finance so more support is widely available.
Piloted bespoke learner voice events in Hair, Beauty, Sports, Hospitality, A Levels, Access, Business, Travel and Tourism with a vision to improve access for all students in 2017/18 to give feedback to your teaching team.
We have not yet actioned this, but are hoping to have postboxes in each area of the College to leave your thoughts and feedback for tutors and managers.
Created All student email contacts in our address book so that we can email all students with information about upcoming events such as welcome week and end of year events.